We are at your service for past 16 years Gradually heading towards success in these years having 100% of satisfied clients all over Lucknow and outside. We have single Branch in Lucknow Exclusively for women. We Provide Scientific & Medically approved, safe, effective & healthy weight Loss in due period. We take special care of thyroid, PCOD & Diabetic Patients.

Business Description

Revive Motto is “Keep Healthy, Look Trim Slim & Beautiful” .We are providing all quality services to our clients in the field of weight loss ,slimming ,Health care , Advance Cosmetic Care Treatments & Diet Counseling sessions, Physical Fitness training ,Gym Services.

What Makes Us Unique

100% Guaranteed Results 5 K.G Weight Loss in a month customized Packages .Excellent Services provided  to our clients and 100% client Satisfaction. 


Health is wealth, Boost up your confidence Stamina, Improved looks, Healthy Body & Glowing skin.
All facilities under one roof.
Normal & Healthy Weight Loss 5 Kgs per month guarenteed.
Fast forwad Weight Loss up to 10kg per month.
Revive fulfill its commitment & promises.
Don’t waste your time, don’t lose hope.
No medication, no food packages.
Super slim lipo suction-tone sculpt body-All buldging & tyres gone,
get your shape & Life back.
Specially organized programmed for 90kg + so don’t lose hope lose weight.
Accept challenge in this new year reduce kgs & Get shaped up body.
Reduce Weight at any age safe for 9 year old to 90 year old.
Healthy scientific & medically approved Weight Loss.
Avoid surgery no medication for weight loss.
Keep your right leg forward to fight diseases-True stories of hundreds.
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