We are at your service for past 16 years Gradually heading towards success in these years having 100% of satisfied clients all over Lucknow and outside. We have single Branch in Lucknow Exclusively for women. We Provide Scientific & Medically approved, safe, effective & healthy weight Loss in due period. We take special care of thyroid, PCOD & Diabetic Patients.

The Owner and Clinic Manager of REVIVE WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC Mrs. UPMA RANJAN ex.  consultant of VLCC Lucknow EXPERT in slimming and Beauty Treatments had started her clinic 16 years back in the year 2003.  An expert cosmetologist from VLCC  Institute started her clinic with few clients. Best known for 100% results in the field of Weight Loss, now Revive is the Brand name of SLIMMING. Well equipped clinic and well trained staff are the plus point of Clinic and plays a vital role to achieve results and shows effects in client’s changing personality. She herself is a fitness expert and motivates her clients for perusing good health lifelong. Beauty and slimming are compliment to each other and being perfect cosmetologist, she takes proper care of her clients in the field of Slimming and beauty equally. 

 She did not left any stone unturned 2n bringing REVIVE forward.

REVIVE WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC is completing 16 successful years of promise. We are very much proud of saying that we have hundreds of satisfied clients all over luck now and outside 

                                                             "SATISFACTION MAKES THE BRAND"